At Lean Scheduling International we only do one thing but we do it better than anyone else. We help a select group of manufacturers convert their planning and scheduling problems into competitive strengths.

Our process is simple and enormously effective because we do something that nobody else does. We take the time to share information at the management and executive levels that is simply not avaialble anywhere else. This information simplifies the process and helps key decision makers understand what APS technology can and can't do for them. It protects them from being exploited by consultants and others who make extravagant promises but deliver nothing.

Our knowledge does not come from books or the latest fancy theory arrogantly preached by recent graduates with no practical experience. It comes from almost 20 years spent in the trenches with our sleeves rolled up ironing out the details that make the difference between success and failure.

Although our home office is based on the Gulf coast in beautiful Bradenton, FL we have clients all over the world.

Talk to us and you will quickly understand the difference.

"The Little Blue book on Scheduling"

What will APS cost?

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The Five Fatal Flaws

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