Top Back to School Gadgets of 2016

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Here are the best back to school gadgets other than the obvious (laptop for example), that we found! These accessories are sure to make your student life a lot easier.

Gadgets 2016

1. The Lifescribe Pulse Smartpen – This is the size of an average pen, but it has a voice recorder to help you record your lessons. Anything that you’ve written using this pen, you can synch onto your mobile device, and even share your notes online. This also comes with Lifescribe notebook paper. It is $199, so affordable for the student budget considering that you would use it all the time.

2. The Canon Pixma IP00 – This is a 2kg printer that is just the size of a laptop. It’s also portable and it has a rechargeable battery, a wireless printing port, and it can print 20 pages per minute. On a student budget, this device only costs $250 but will be well worth the convenience of having to go to the print shop so often.

3. The Roomba – This is the best thing for a busy student or a professional. It sweeps the floor for you, whether you have hardwood, or carpets. It makes your area spic and span. It only weighs 9 pounds, is slim and small in size, and it is a smart device that has sensors that are able to detect the size and shape of a room. This device is also self-directed, being able to work its way independently using a motor, across floors, carpets, and even ledges. It does both sweeping and vacuuming automatically. For the price, this will save you a lot of time. It costs just $149.

4. The Optoma Pico – This is a great tool for when you need a break from your studies. Just pull this very small device out of your packet, find a blank wall in a student lounge or classroom, and project images from your iPhone with excellent HD resolutions. It has a great speaker as well and is able to show movie screen sized movies just on the wall. You might need a bluetooth speaker to make it a bit more surround sound, however, the speaker itself will let you get through the movie just fine. For only $299, you can have a movie theatre in your pocket to carry around.

5. The ZUtA Pocket Printer – If you even want to be more mobile for those last minute essays that you need to hand in, this little robot runs on the paper laying ink at the same time. This can print for 100 pages per cartridge. The cost is $199, but the cartridges are not factored into this cost. This printer runs on a battery that is rechargeable via micro USB. The battery can run for one hour of printing straight. It is so portable and light that it is only 10.2 centimeters in diameter.

Overall, these five tech tools will keep you going through school to perform at your best. Choose even a few of them just to save you time, money, and to make your overall student life easier.